Tower of the Americas

Hello to all,back in San Antonio again with yet another tourist attraction called Tower of the Americas and man is this a tower or what!This is a 750 foot tower/restaurant located at Hemis Fair Park on the southeastern portion of Downtown San Antonio.The tower was designed by San Antonio architect O’Neil Ford and was built as the theme structure of the 1968 World’s Fair,HemisFair 68.

The tower has an observation deck that is accessible by elevator for a fee.In addition,there is also a lounge and revolving restaurant at the top of the tower that provides a panoramic view of the city.180px-Tower_of_the_Americas_San_Antonio_elevator

Construction on the tower began on August 9,1966 and was completed on April 6,1968 just in time for the worlds fair.The very top of the tower was constructed on the ground and then lifted by crane into place.During this proceedure,some of the cables supporting the top snapped  leaving it dangling precariously but oil field pipes were brought in to finish the job safely I would have liked to have seen that!

Landry’s Restaurant Inc.managers of the tower,undertook an extensive $8 million renovation of the existing restaurant and lounge which was completed in June 2006.The restaurant rotates slowly,and observation deck entry is included in the cost of a tower ticket.

Hope you enjoyed this short essay of an incredible structure,I certainly enjoyed seeing it in person!



La Antorcha de la Amistad

This is an incredible sculpture that you have to see to believe located in the middle of a traffic rotary (the intersection of Losoya, Commerce, Market, and Alamo Streets) in downtown San Antonio.

The city of San Antonio is amazing with it’s tall buildings modern in structure and surronded by older structures,all made of brick and stone. Most of the sidewalks are concrete I would think due to the high temps in the summer time.As you walk around viewing all of this you see many intersections,taxis,trolleys,and people just scurrying about to get to their destinations. Then,you turn a corner and there is a long straight street which showcases the Alamo-wham right in the middle of a busy city with most of it’s original structure preserved!

As you continue to walk,you turn another corner and there it is ,La Antorcha de la Amistad(Spanish for “The Torch of Friendship”) and what a sight it is!It really is amazing to have two historical sites so close to each other.It is a very enormous sculpture as it is called and very beautiful in the day time and even more beautiful at night when it is illuminated!I will give you some background on this figure since I had no knowledge of this at all but I do now.

The sculpture stands at nearly 65 ft (20 m), and weighs more than 45 tons (40,800 kg). The medium is enameled iron. It is located in the middle of a traffic rotary (the intersection of Losoya, Commerce, Market, and Alamo Streets) in Downtown San Antonio, an area known by international tourists for the Paseo del Rio, or River Walk, and the Alamo.

The artist of this sculpture is a well known man,Mexican sculpture Sebastian and was commissioned by the Asociacion de Empresarios Mexicanos(Association of Mexican Businesspeople)in 2002 and was unveiled on June 28,2002

As you can see,the structure starts at the bottom with two seperate legs that continue upward and then

seperately twist and turn never reaching a 90 degree angle.Eventually they circle at the top and join together to form one large circle.The inspiration for this sculpture was to show two seperate torches running from the ground and reaching out together,The United States of America and Mexico-running together in friendship.

I hope you enjoyed this journey to San Antonio and the beautiful things there.Next I will talk about “River Walk”.Bye for now.(Sorry about the split paragraph-it’s my laptop’s fault).


Talking About Texas

fpssHome-austinMonthly0531151728-00Hello Hello just back from Texas and what a time I had!It was kind of rainy when I got there but that did not dampen my spirits at all. The people that I met were all very warm and friendly to a guy who knew nothing at all about their beautiful state and the city of Austin where I stayed with my daughter Nikki and good friend Erin.I did a blog about the first place I ate when I arrived on May 20 called Hopdoddys and now I will tell you about the great Texas Barbecue establishment I had the pleasure of visiting and eating at called The Salt Lick located in Driftwood Texas.

This place is cool.I took a picture of the entrance which I hope is above me on the right side and a picture from their web site on the left side.You walk under the sign to the host lady and get two choices-you can go to your left and eat outside or to the right and eat inside,we choose left.Nice day,good weather,good choice.

So we get seated and very shortly ordered drinks.We are sitting at a picnic type table with adults and children all over the place in a very friendly atmosphere,there is food all over the place.Next we get menus to order food but my daughter,Nikki,who has eaten there before orders for all of us,whoops forgot to mention Josh was eating with us as well,he and Nikki are seeing each other.

Ok back to the food a family style order from the menu.Now this is where the fun starts.I’m sure all of you have been to a buffet type meal,you know like breakfast or chineese food where you grab a plate and load up with whatever you want and if that is not enough you get more.That is how it is done at The Salt Lick except they bring the buffet to you,all you do is sit and get served platters and bowls of food and long as you can keep eating!And I did keep eating.

The first serving they brought to us consisted of Texas style ribs (and they were yummo),sausages,brisket,potato salad,beans,cole slaw,pickles,onions,two types of sauce,one mild and one hot,and nice warm tender bread.But wait,as soon as you get near the end of that they bring more of what you want and as always you can take home whatever is left-cool-and I pigged out.If you leave that place hungry,you have been on weight watchers to long (sorry if you are).

Upon leaving we went into the cooking area where you can go and take pictures if you wish to and see all of the meats and sausages being cooked on a grill that must have been ten to twelve feet in diameter.The barbecue smell was incredible,it actually makes you hungry again.All of the food is there ready to be served and they just keep adding to it.Holy calories batman!

Ok for now,next blog will be about E.Sixth Street in Austin-being a country boy from New Hampshire I have never seen anything like it but I will again.Love it! I send my inspiration and love to all.


The Midnite Writer

It's goonya

It’s goonya

Sends inspiration to you all

Jen and H.M.

I like to talk at nite

Nobody but me to listen to

Oh how my thoughts scream out to me

What to say next will be said

Thanks to all who have cursed me

and loved me and waited

65 years of lessons,sorry for being so crude

It;s just my way like no other has been

One is the lonliest number you will ever know

If you fall I will catch you time after time

Understanding more than you can handle is a burden

Even with one ear I hear to much,to little

I will always remember you Don

I try to forget others,she told me that

The sum and substance like my dad said

Never did talk much together,just words

Being lonely but not alone-remember that Alice

12:30am-good times bad times or some times


The Movie Lucy

indexI have just finished watching the movie “Lucy”.Read Jane Robrts/Seth books to get an uderstanding of what she did and how she did these things-“The uniiverse as thought construction.”


Pigging Out



Hello all!Since I’m doing a blog about pigging out I thought it would be appropriate to show multi shots of pigs and turkeys.Soon you will understand my reasoning for this-I do have reasonings and seasonings to add.After having been aroused with text and visual effects,you just may be in need of a snack so I will now pause so you can raid the ice box….OK here we go.

For reasons I wish not to disclose at this time,my plan for sitting down to a big feast such as Thanksgiving and consuming large quantities of food (or pigging out)was to eat nothing prior to the big event.That’s correct nothing which would leave a vast cavern of empty space in my bread basket (stomach) that,over a period of time,would be in receipt of large quantities of food which I previously referred to.Well let me tell you,that went over like a go-cart in the Indy 500-didn’t work!I ate less than I normally would have.This resulted in my re-thinking of dinner and the condiments,liquids,and all other products associated with it.AHA,a brand new way of dealing with and administering pigging out-Reverse Physicology.

OK what do I mean by that you piquiuos (that means a lot) quantities of food at breakfast so your digestive system will have been given a heads up on what will soon be happening.No shock to your system plus even more benefits-room for dessert and football,who could ask for anything more.

This will conclude my dinner time tutorial minus table manners.

Oink Oink!

Oink Oink!





“Talk Talk Talk”

“I felt the coldness of my winter,I never thought it would ever leave”

Quite proudly I am a graduate of New Hampshire Technical Institute,Concord New Hampshire,with an associates degree in mechanical engineering.The year was 1970,not a good time for the economy of the U.S. so I sought work in any area where it was available.I eventually was employed as a tool design engineer the salary of which was $2.10/hr-WOW.That didn’t work so by chance I became involved in the construction industry and remained there a long time.

So,what does that have to do with me writing this blog-a lot.While in college one of my courses taught us how to prepare and write technical documents-resumes,speeches,presentations,that sort of thing.As a part of this class,we were taught a very simple but effective method of communication that was called the Tellem Method.It goes like this:

Tellem what your going to tellem:


Tellem what you’ve told em.

I have found that if I use this method or a modified version of it, coupled with my education in writing by “just letting it flow”, it is easier and more satisfying to write and enjoy writing.I'm in there somewhere!


The Judgement Day

images“Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate that you hate to make him wait but you just gotta have another cigarette”


The entrance into Heaven has been updated due to the large amount of applicants being reviewed.I’m sure all of you have been through this before but let’s take a look:

1.) Name

2.) Age

3.) SS #

4.) Goodness or Badness

To reach Gabriel press 1-Noah press 2-All other calls will be answered in the order that they were recieved. Now at the front desk:

Take file number 98.6-Freddy Fever,and check his records,his tweets,his posts,and social behavior.He is applying for a position in blogging management including sharing,website functions,spell checking,themes,and settings.This is a voluntary position so it will not be necessary to discuss salary arrangements-however all written documents must be rated PG and must be submitted for approval.An email will be sent to Mr. Fever with a link to click on if he wishes to accept this proposal.

    If not,another one bites the dust.
images (1)


All I Want For Christmas-Part IV

images (1)Do you feel a draft?

Is there a window open?Why no my darling, what you are feeling ( and obviously not seeing) is the annual NFL draft,you know the one where teams choose players to come and join with them so they can lose games and look better than last year doing it.But never fear, my darling, the sports media is now offering draft consultations including free estimates to allow head coaches and scouts to get some sleep-downright decent of them I feel.Maybe they could include a football soap opera to further assist-something like Drafts Of Our Lives, or maybe General “Why the hell did you call that one ref” Hospital. That’s all for now,this has been a short one (that’s what she said).


Happy Trails to Me-The Future Now

Left right,right left whatever.

As you might be able to tell I have absolutely nothing to say or worth reading about.Either way it’s O.K. you wake up with yourself(Billy Joel).So, while in this plateau of zip and nada,I shall bestow upon you my future plans and ambitions which are quite diversified and quite frankly humanistic.

So, that having been said (how trendy) here is  future plan #1-I am presently creating an eBook,the topic of which is SS Didability.Why you ask (I didn’t hear anyone speak),because I am now on that  program and have been since 2005 thanks to my brain tumor(Thanks).Therefore I am confident to report that my book will contain much information learned through  experience rather than reviewing  internet websites and documents.I do want to help people understand  the workings of  SS Disability as it can assist those who are in need and do qualify.Qualifying is one of the most critical issues that I will discuss

O.K.Future plan #2-I am an alcoholic (whatever that means) and alcoholism is a very large problem in today’s society.Therefore, after I gain more experience with, I shall hire a Host (Bluehost-they are good) and download and install enabling me to continue a blog or design a full blown website.You guessed it!The focus on this website will be alcoholism which if you wish to,you can Google search that topic and find a multitude of information on that subject.So what you ask (Ididn’t hear anyone speak) do I have to offer differntly on this subject that hasn’t already been covered?You will see-I have used a quite different approach in my life that has and is still working quite nicely.

This is going to be a long term project due to the sensitive nature involved in this area.So please wish me well with this and I would like to thank all of my new friends I have now for being my friend and also old friends and classmates that I am re-uniting with.See YA!



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