Humor and Comments

Spring has sprung,Fall has fell,Summers here and it’s hotter than usual.

My doctor heard a rumor that in my head there was a tumor.But he needed Noxzema when he saw it was a threemur.

Why is it when you need a new cable hookup at a new location,you have to be there so the installation will work-but if you cannot afford to pay the bill,they do not care where you are when they shut it off!(I heard that somewhere)

I heard an idea for a new and innovative athletic supporter-a new type of jock strap,it would be fur lined.Then you could tell everyone that you have ball-to-ball carpeting.

Golfer #1 to golfer #2 “how are you hittem?”-golfer #2 to golfer #1 “long and straight-yourself?”-golfer #1 “short and curly”.

New additions to this page will be made and if you have your own humours me at and I will add them here with two rules-no sexually oriented stuff and no f—bombs.I will be happy to credit you if you wish!


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