Have you ever been disappointed?I think from time to time we all feel some of that-I know I do but why,why would I or anyone else feel disappointment.It has been a while since I have written so let’s catch up

There is a race going on in my life right now-filing for personal bankruptcy or foreclosure on a home I own in Sanbornville N.H.Bankruptcy will come first (I will be filing) but will this save my ownership of my home?Interesting question which I have done much research on but not being a lawyer I really can’t answer.Let’s get back to the topic of disappointment.

With all that has happened to me in the last two years,being a widower,not much money,wondering what the future holds for me it occurred to me-hey I am not that bad off!Look at what you have right now scott-yes you have a home and yes maybe you will lose it to foreclosure-yes you have food,some earned and some donated by caring programs and individuals,yes you are loved so take a good long hard look at what you do have and be thankful for those things that are a part of your life now and let go of what you do not have!

I have come to realize all that is a part of my daily life now that many others do not have and maybe will never have is a blessing that should be shared to inspire others to embrace hope when there doesn’t seem to be any at all.I’m sure that there are people who do not have to deal with a foreclosure because they have never owned a house.Don’t worry about things like that,you gain knowledge,support,and love from many areas-all you have to do is reach out and your questions will be answered.Don’t be afraid to ask for help,it will be there for you if you believe that and ask for that help-you are not alone.

Dedicated to Gretch.


Building a Non-Camping Campfire

This is a task very few have attempted and accomplished and I happen to be one of those people.In order to do such a thing we first need to examine our environment.Let’s start here,we have a gas stove but no gas so it can’t be used.Next we check our oil tank in the basement-shit it’s empty so no hot water.OK let.s take a look at the laundry area and what do we find,nothing,no washer,no dryer so no clothes washing.The only functioning usefull item is a microwave.So now desire,motivation,creativity creeps into your being,you can feel gallons of blood racing to your loins,we are off and running to the great outdoors to start building

First we clean out the grill which has nothing in it of any value.Then we go into the woods and gather up little pieces of wood,then a little bit bigger pieces,and bigger and bigger until we have what a splendid supply of fuel for our campfire.Next we crumple up some paper,tear up pieces of cardboard,and place them carefully into the grill.On top of this go the pieces of wood we have gathered,small ones first and proceed to the biggest pieces.One match if you are careful will start the show as the flames slowly gain intensity and give off heat.Now we are ready.Install the cooking surface,put on chicken legs and green bell peppers and watch them sizzle.As an appitizer take english muffins and put them next to the chicken and cook them to a golden brown.They will be the first off the grill so spread some grape jelly on them and eat them while the other food continues to cook.Just about ready now so enjoy your chicken and peppers!I did,that was my supper today.Try it it’s cool!Love and inspiration to all.


“Well be watching over you”

“Going to help you see it through”

Garrison Hill Park,Dover, New Hampshire

panoramaimagesindexHello there,I have lived in Dover for almost a year now but sadly never paid attention to such a historical place as Garrison Hill Park.Well to remidy that situation, I walked to the top of a very steep incline to see this site for myself,June 22,2015.I’m glad that I did-it was worth the effort and it inspired me to discover more about this place and so I did.Here’s what I found out.

Garrison Hill Tower is a 76-foot tall observatory atop Garrison Hill(298 feet high)in Dover N.H.The current tower made of iron and painted green,was built in 1993 and is the third tower to exist on the hill.The park which it stands in is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.I’ll give you a brief breakdown of all three towers

Tower #1-purchased by Joseph Ham and Harrison Haley in 1880 consisted of a wooden observatory,65 feet high with a small restaurant at the base where you could get a small lunch and a drink.The purchase price was a whopping #1,000-a lot of money at the time I’m sure.Unfortunately,the tower burned down in 1911.

Tower#2-was a replacement tower built of steel commissioned by Abbey Sawyer,wife of Harrison Haley,in 1913.The second tower was taken down in 1990 due to safety concerns.

Tower#3-the one you see now was built entirely by volunteers.On a clear day,the tower boasts a view of the White Mountains all the way over to the Isles of Shoals.With a good camera,you can get some awesome shots of these locations and just what seems to be an unending view of the natural beauty of New Hampshire.Go see for yourself and enjoy!

E.6th Street Austin,Texas

index0525151322-00IMG_6303This here’s a story about E.6th Street,Austin,Texas.I had the pleasure of visiting this street twice,once mid-week during the daytime hours and one Saturday nite.Being a country boy from New Hampshire,I can honestly say I have never seen the beat of it.During the daytime when activity is low,you can stop and look at the various shops,clubs,and restaurants to get the feel of this well known and famous street.On Saturday nite-I’ll get to that later.

Just as curiosity killed the cat,I couldn’t help but wonder how all of this got started,the origins of 6th Street.I am certainly not a historian but did do some research on this subject and in doing so discovered many interesting facts about this street.It was easy for me to see what happens on this street as a normal and every day occurrence and think it has always been this way but such is not the case.I will share with you some of the past that I discovered

6th Street was formerly named Pecan Street under Austin’s older naming convention,which had east-west streets named after trees and north-south streets named after Texas rivers which I believe still remains.The origins of 6th Street go back to the 1800’s when most of the structures were built as two of three story masonry Victorian commercial architecture.If you look closely during the daytime,you will see that this is the case-many older looking buildings that still stand straight and will for a long time to come.

The area around nearby 4th Street and 6th Street has been a major entertainment district since the 1970’s.Many bars,clubs,music venues,and shopping destinations are located on E.6th Street between Congress Ave. and Interstate 35 and offer live music at one time or another during the week.Traffic is generally blocked on E.6th Street on weekend evenings,and football home games,as well as holidays and special events to allow the crowds to walk unfettered to the many venues that line the street.

E.6th Street,known locally as Dirty Sixth plays host to a wide variety of events each year,ranging from music and film festivals(such as South by Southwest)to biker rallies(such as The Republic of Texas Biker Rally) and the Pecan Street Festival.Due to the festivals positive turnout,the celebration became a biannual spring and fall tradition,honoring 6th Street’s original name,Pecan Street.The positive turnout that I mentioned attracted more than 300,000 people,generating an economic impact of more than $43 million in 2010.

Now a brief personal experience blog which I bring from memory of my Saturday nite at E.6th Street.First Nikki,Erin,and myself dined at a mexican restaurant named The Iron Cactus(I know I have already mentioned this)and then proceeded to walk the street checking out all there was to see and there was plenty!There was live music being played and when I say live,I actually touched the drummer(I like to drum)of one of the rock bands on the shoulder from the street-everything was wide open!There was acting,magic shows,turtle races,bands playing with great singing,anything and everything you could imagine on one small street.Actually it’s not small but there is so much to do in a small area it seems that way.So her I go wandering into a club that is wide open to the street with a rock band cranking out loud music and I start dancing wherever I happen to be standing with three nice looking babes-I was young again!After a few minutes of that we all high fived and I was asked to congratulate one of the girls for her graduation which I did do.The three of us walked around some more and my daughter bought me a 6th Street t-shirt which I put on and am wearing as I type these words.

That’s it for now hope you enjoyed as much as I did.Bye.

Little Creatures

Little creatures small and unnoticed dance before our eyes in a never ending salute to life and existence far surpassing what most of us salute.

“They themselves are makers of themselves”

These are incredible words which are I feel common sense-you get what you concentrate on.

Every day we experience this simple process but dis-regard it.

You do not need a gun or a million dollars to appreciate life.

Just an appreciation of yourself and the life that you have.

It has been given to you-

or did you give it to yourself

what a responsibility,what a joy,what love can you achieve

It is up to you and me

I send love and inspiration to you all!

What’s Next?

Go for it Jen!

Cholontics Writerly Musings

This is Chris Andrews Image and I have no rights to it at all! This is Chris Andrews Image and I have no rights to it at all!

Okay, here’s the update on my adventures with using The Easiest-Ever Guide to Outlining by Chris Andrews.  I have done the next part… I will continue this and keep you updated as I progress through it! I’m actually having a bit of fun doing this… I may have to use this from now on!

Telandria Moonbright, an elven sorceress, wants to raise a family, but her previous life as the leader of a famous group of dragon slayers has ramifications she is unaware of.

Set up

Adventure begins

Things get serious


Sequence 1 How Telandria finds out dragons are not extinct

  • Telandria is meeting her boyfriend in front of her home, on her way there she is mugged by four thugs.

    • She uses her magic, but it doesn’t work on them.

  • Melnore jumps out…

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Why Do I Write

I often wonder why I write these blogs I never did anything like this before.My first blog was published on March 18 not to long ago-I don’t really remember what it was about but it does not matter,that was the start of my writing.

My mastery of the english language quite frankly does not exist. I never liked english class in grammar school or high school-never did understand what an adjective is or a verb (I think the verb implies motion) -never did understand when to use a comma or quotation mark or when you should stop one paragraph and go to another. But you know when I write these words I do believe that anybody can read them if not understand them so the communication is there. Mission accomplished!.

I have met and learned from many new friends that write like I do- that being have not been writing to long or those who have been writing with experience and determination that comes from the heart and just flows rather than trying to make a word happen. I have found myself doing just that,trying to grab a word out of my head which is just not there but I aggravate myself in the search. Time for a new paragraph I guess.

My easiest time for being creative in writing is in the midnite hour (that’s why I have called myself the Midnite Writer) while I am ready to fall asleep but my mind gets filled with thoughts that I need to express which I find so difficult to express at any other time during the day. But during the day I do think of things I would like to express-by the time I jot them down in my journal the real meaning that I had felt seems to vanish like a cloud in the sky,so disappointing. However I know there will be another time,another chance to capture what is really in me to say and to express myself in a joyfull and honest way

If there are any people that would read these words and feel the same way please share and leave comments for me because in my world I am a novice at writing but I feel that I have something to say-I send my love and insperation to you.

Texas Beer Burger Stuff-hopdoddy

hd61 If you have ever heard that Texas is big it is!This is a shot of a beer burger place that Nikki,Erin and I ate at when I arrived in Austin on Wednesday May 20.This place is cool! When I first got there a line of people stretched from the ordering counter,throughout the length of the building,outside to the side walk and then into the parking area-about sixty people waiting to get in! Nobody was anxious about it all since this is normal for hopdoddy.

While waiting in line to order,there was a large bar to my left that had all the usual drinks and all sorts of beer with names I have never heard of.Texas has a lot of beer brands that are brewed locally and are consumed in large amounts.You can pick up a menu along the way to ordering your meal and also grab water and other free stuff that servers bring along all the time like parmesean truffle fries (I think that is mispelled but tasted good).

Besides the line of people waiting to order,all of the tables to eat at are all full,you can hardly walk around.As we got closer to the ordering counter, a young lady came up to us with a tablet and took our order so when we got to the counter all we needed to do was pay-it saved time!

So when this is all set you are given a table number to sit at and your food is brought out to you with very friendly servers both guys and girls.I got a Texas burger with all sorts of stuff on it and something else I haven’t seen in quite a while-A milk shake with a spoon and a straw way bigger than I have ever seen-it was good!So I pigged out and will be going back soon I hope.Love to all!

(Zipper) May 18th Poetry challenge A-Z

Now everyone knows your sexy!

H.M. Nolan

A sweet whisper tickles the inside of my wretched

Brain, I am broken, bended, blended, send me a


Daydream, crack my breastbone open


Fragments of my heart, I know it

Gets you


It’s all a bad

Joke, I’ll be

Kicking up dust, killing my

Lust for you, I write


Nonsense, in your

Opiate dream, just do it, take my

Pride for a ride, dump her off

Quietly in the desert

Rival my screams with


Tie my guts in knots, your passion is

Unrivaled, your rage lightly

Veiled by the violent

Weather, I like the

X-rated thoughts within

Your head, and I’ll unzip your

Zipper, for you say its the fastest way to your heart

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