Have you ever been disappointed?I think from time to time we all feel some of that-I know I do but why,why would I or anyone else feel disappointment.It has been a while since I have written so let’s catch up

There is a race going on in my life right now-filing for personal bankruptcy or foreclosure on a home I own in Sanbornville N.H.Bankruptcy will come first (I will be filing) but will this save my ownership of my home?Interesting question which I have done much research on but not being a lawyer I really can’t answer.Let’s get back to the topic of disappointment.

With all that has happened to me in the last two years,being a widower,not much money,wondering what the future holds for me it occurred to me-hey I am not that bad off!Look at what you have right now scott-yes you have a home and yes maybe you will lose it to foreclosure-yes you have food,some earned and some donated by caring programs and individuals,yes you are loved so take a good long hard look at what you do have and be thankful for those things that are a part of your life now and let go of what you do not have!

I have come to realize all that is a part of my daily life now that many others do not have and maybe will never have is a blessing that should be shared to inspire others to embrace hope when there doesn’t seem to be any at all.I’m sure that there are people who do not have to deal with a foreclosure because they have never owned a house.Don’t worry about things like that,you gain knowledge,support,and love from many areas-all you have to do is reach out and your questions will be answered.Don’t be afraid to ask for help,it will be there for you if you believe that and ask for that help-you are not alone.

Dedicated to Gretch.


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