Building a Non-Camping Campfire

This is a task very few have attempted and accomplished and I happen to be one of those people.In order to do such a thing we first need to examine our environment.Let’s start here,we have a gas stove but no gas so it can’t be used.Next we check our oil tank in the basement-shit it’s empty so no hot water.OK let.s take a look at the laundry area and what do we find,nothing,no washer,no dryer so no clothes washing.The only functioning usefull item is a microwave.So now desire,motivation,creativity creeps into your being,you can feel gallons of blood racing to your loins,we are off and running to the great outdoors to start building

First we clean out the grill which has nothing in it of any value.Then we go into the woods and gather up little pieces of wood,then a little bit bigger pieces,and bigger and bigger until we have what a splendid supply of fuel for our campfire.Next we crumple up some paper,tear up pieces of cardboard,and place them carefully into the grill.On top of this go the pieces of wood we have gathered,small ones first and proceed to the biggest pieces.One match if you are careful will start the show as the flames slowly gain intensity and give off heat.Now we are ready.Install the cooking surface,put on chicken legs and green bell peppers and watch them sizzle.As an appitizer take english muffins and put them next to the chicken and cook them to a golden brown.They will be the first off the grill so spread some grape jelly on them and eat them while the other food continues to cook.Just about ready now so enjoy your chicken and peppers!I did,that was my supper today.Try it it’s cool!Love and inspiration to all.


The Nature of Responsibility and Decisions

During the course of our lives we all face a variety of circumstances-some that we create and some that seem to get thrown at us.So what do you do,how do you seperate the two,how do you make a decision at any time on dealing with your own personal circumstance.It’s like “Did I ask for this and if I did what course of action should I take?”

I can honestly say I have always taken responsibility for the decisions and actions that have formed my life-I never blamed anybody for my mistakes nor did I give credit to others for my victories in life.Therefore my belief is that myself,not fate,has formed and created everything that I am to this moment.So,to repeat,I take responsibility for my thoughts and actions.However,I cannot be held responsible for thoughts and actions that other people create which,from time to time,may have an effect on myself and my life.

Let me look at this in another way.If you find yourself to be quite happy most of the time,always happy and willing to help others,I believe people with the same chareteristics will become a part of your life.On the other hand,if your waking moments usually find you sad,angry,depressed and in general negative by nature,you will find the same in your life-it works both ways.So do you look at others or look at yourself?I have chosen to look at myself very carefully and have found many good traits and also many elements that need my attention.This is the part of my life that I am at now-changes need to take place if I am to live the rest of my life happily and secure.It is up to me.Wish me well please.

Love and inspiration to all.

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