Garrison Hill Park,Dover, New Hampshire

panoramaimagesindexHello there,I have lived in Dover for almost a year now but sadly never paid attention to such a historical place as Garrison Hill Park.Well to remidy that situation, I walked to the top of a very steep incline to see this site for myself,June 22,2015.I’m glad that I did-it was worth the effort and it inspired me to discover more about this place and so I did.Here’s what I found out.

Garrison Hill Tower is a 76-foot tall observatory atop Garrison Hill(298 feet high)in Dover N.H.The current tower made of iron and painted green,was built in 1993 and is the third tower to exist on the hill.The park which it stands in is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.I’ll give you a brief breakdown of all three towers

Tower #1-purchased by Joseph Ham and Harrison Haley in 1880 consisted of a wooden observatory,65 feet high with a small restaurant at the base where you could get a small lunch and a drink.The purchase price was a whopping #1,000-a lot of money at the time I’m sure.Unfortunately,the tower burned down in 1911.

Tower#2-was a replacement tower built of steel commissioned by Abbey Sawyer,wife of Harrison Haley,in 1913.The second tower was taken down in 1990 due to safety concerns.

Tower#3-the one you see now was built entirely by volunteers.On a clear day,the tower boasts a view of the White Mountains all the way over to the Isles of Shoals.With a good camera,you can get some awesome shots of these locations and just what seems to be an unending view of the natural beauty of New Hampshire.Go see for yourself and enjoy!


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