Why God-Why Not Me

I have heard many comments concerning the belief in god and the bible and I have also seen the results of such beliefs. It is very easy to give the responsibility of your existence to another person or place.

I have chosen to believe in myself.

I have spent time reading the king james bible which I own and I find it to be very contradictory and confusing.

There are wonderful messages in the bible which I agree with but I never could understand why it would take over nine hundred pages to say “Love your self as you would love others”

It did not take to many pages to write these words but it is the way I feel.

So there it is my life that has been given to me and I choose to live it my way.

If there is a god that gave me this life I thank him but will go on with the gift that I have been given and ask for no help.I will survive.

I send to you my love and inspiration just as it has been given to me.


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