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Garrison Hill Park,Dover, New Hampshire

panoramaimagesindexHello there,I have lived in Dover for almost a year now but sadly never paid attention to such a historical place as Garrison Hill Park.Well to remidy that situation, I walked to the top of a very steep incline to see this site for myself,June 22,2015.I’m glad that I did-it was worth the effort and it inspired me to discover more about this place and so I did.Here’s what I found out.

Garrison Hill Tower is a 76-foot tall observatory atop Garrison Hill(298 feet high)in Dover N.H.The current tower made of iron and painted green,was built in 1993 and is the third tower to exist on the hill.The park which it stands in is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.I’ll give you a brief breakdown of all three towers

Tower #1-purchased by Joseph Ham and Harrison Haley in 1880 consisted of a wooden observatory,65 feet high with a small restaurant at the base where you could get a small lunch and a drink.The purchase price was a whopping #1,000-a lot of money at the time I’m sure.Unfortunately,the tower burned down in 1911.

Tower#2-was a replacement tower built of steel commissioned by Abbey Sawyer,wife of Harrison Haley,in 1913.The second tower was taken down in 1990 due to safety concerns.

Tower#3-the one you see now was built entirely by volunteers.On a clear day,the tower boasts a view of the White Mountains all the way over to the Isles of Shoals.With a good camera,you can get some awesome shots of these locations and just what seems to be an unending view of the natural beauty of New Hampshire.Go see for yourself and enjoy!

E.6th Street Austin,Texas

index0525151322-00IMG_6303This here’s a story about E.6th Street,Austin,Texas.I had the pleasure of visiting this street twice,once mid-week during the daytime hours and one Saturday nite.Being a country boy from New Hampshire,I can honestly say I have never seen the beat of it.During the daytime when activity is low,you can stop and look at the various shops,clubs,and restaurants to get the feel of this well known and famous street.On Saturday nite-I’ll get to that later.

Just as curiosity killed the cat,I couldn’t help but wonder how all of this got started,the origins of 6th Street.I am certainly not a historian but did do some research on this subject and in doing so discovered many interesting facts about this street.It was easy for me to see what happens on this street as a normal and every day occurrence and think it has always been this way but such is not the case.I will share with you some of the past that I discovered

6th Street was formerly named Pecan Street under Austin’s older naming convention,which had east-west streets named after trees and north-south streets named after Texas rivers which I believe still remains.The origins of 6th Street go back to the 1800’s when most of the structures were built as two of three story masonry Victorian commercial architecture.If you look closely during the daytime,you will see that this is the case-many older looking buildings that still stand straight and will for a long time to come.

The area around nearby 4th Street and 6th Street has been a major entertainment district since the 1970’s.Many bars,clubs,music venues,and shopping destinations are located on E.6th Street between Congress Ave. and Interstate 35 and offer live music at one time or another during the week.Traffic is generally blocked on E.6th Street on weekend evenings,and football home games,as well as holidays and special events to allow the crowds to walk unfettered to the many venues that line the street.

E.6th Street,known locally as Dirty Sixth plays host to a wide variety of events each year,ranging from music and film festivals(such as South by Southwest)to biker rallies(such as The Republic of Texas Biker Rally) and the Pecan Street Festival.Due to the festivals positive turnout,the celebration became a biannual spring and fall tradition,honoring 6th Street’s original name,Pecan Street.The positive turnout that I mentioned attracted more than 300,000 people,generating an economic impact of more than $43 million in 2010.

Now a brief personal experience blog which I bring from memory of my Saturday nite at E.6th Street.First Nikki,Erin,and myself dined at a mexican restaurant named The Iron Cactus(I know I have already mentioned this)and then proceeded to walk the street checking out all there was to see and there was plenty!There was live music being played and when I say live,I actually touched the drummer(I like to drum)of one of the rock bands on the shoulder from the street-everything was wide open!There was acting,magic shows,turtle races,bands playing with great singing,anything and everything you could imagine on one small street.Actually it’s not small but there is so much to do in a small area it seems that way.So her I go wandering into a club that is wide open to the street with a rock band cranking out loud music and I start dancing wherever I happen to be standing with three nice looking babes-I was young again!After a few minutes of that we all high fived and I was asked to congratulate one of the girls for her graduation which I did do.The three of us walked around some more and my daughter bought me a 6th Street t-shirt which I put on and am wearing as I type these words.

That’s it for now hope you enjoyed as much as I did.Bye.

Tower of the Americas

Hello to all,back in San Antonio again with yet another tourist attraction called Tower of the Americas and man is this a tower or what!This is a 750 foot tower/restaurant located at Hemis Fair Park on the southeastern portion of Downtown San Antonio.The tower was designed by San Antonio architect O’Neil Ford and was built as the theme structure of the 1968 World’s Fair,HemisFair 68.

The tower has an observation deck that is accessible by elevator for a fee.In addition,there is also a lounge and revolving restaurant at the top of the tower that provides a panoramic view of the city.180px-Tower_of_the_Americas_San_Antonio_elevator

Construction on the tower began on August 9,1966 and was completed on April 6,1968 just in time for the worlds fair.The very top of the tower was constructed on the ground and then lifted by crane into place.During this proceedure,some of the cables supporting the top snapped  leaving it dangling precariously but oil field pipes were brought in to finish the job safely I would have liked to have seen that!

Landry’s Restaurant Inc.managers of the tower,undertook an extensive $8 million renovation of the existing restaurant and lounge which was completed in June 2006.The restaurant rotates slowly,and observation deck entry is included in the cost of a tower ticket.

Hope you enjoyed this short essay of an incredible structure,I certainly enjoyed seeing it in person!


The “River Walk” San Antonio,Texas.

The San Antonio River Walk(also known as Paseo del Reo) is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River one story beneath the streets of Downtown San Antonio,Texas,USA.Lined by bars,shops,and restaurants,the River Walk is an important part of the cities urban fabric and a tourist attraction in it’s own right.

Today the River Walk,one level down from the automobile street level,winds and loops under bridges as two parallel sidewalks lined with shops,restaraunts,connecting major tourist draws form the Alamo to Rivercenter mall.

You can take a tour on the canals themselves via barge or boat rides that they offer which wind around many turns and under bridges allowing you to view so many of the spectacular sites which are described to you by the boat operators who are quite knowledgable of the entire canal system.I will give you a brief background of how this all came to be and then give due attention to some famous people that I bet you all know or have heard of.Let’s go!

In September 1921,a disastrous flood along the San Antonio River took 50 lives.Plans were then developed for flood control of the river.Among the plans was to build an upstream dam(Olmos Dam) and bypass a prominent bend of the river in the downtown area and pave over it.Architect Robert Hugman then submitted his plans for what would become the River Walk.

Through the following decades the network has been improved and extended and currently provides tourist attractions and space for chain restaraunts and establishments flourishing to the point where City Hall in 2009 talked of limiting activity on the River Walk to maintain a distinctively local flair.Additions have been made to the total length of the canals to provide scenic views and also maintain flood control which has been quite successful.

Now for the people that I mentioned earlier.Alexander Murray Palmer “Alex” Haley(August 11,1921-February 10,1992) an american writer,wrote the 1976 book “Roots:The Saga of an American Family”.It turned into a TV mini series that was well received and had great influence on awareness in the United States of African- American history.Mr. Haley resided on the River Walk when this book was written.

The movie Selena which depicted the tragic death of Selena Quintanilla-Perez included one shot of the actress Jennifer Lopez standing on one of the bridges that traverse the River Walk canal system.I have not seen the movie itself but I’m sure many of you have.

I’m sure all of you has seen the movie Miss Congeniality starring Sandra Bullock.Some of this movie was shot in New York but the bulk of the filming was shot in Austin Texas and San Antonio Texas.There were scenes shot involving the Alamo and the River Walk as well.The unforgettable swim suit contest was filmed in one of the plush buildings along the banks of the River Walk-I tried to get a shot for you but could not(boo).

So there you go I hope you enjoyed it,there is much more to know and see about San Antonio(like the Spurs basketball team).Take a vacation some day and check it out!Bye for now.


La Antorcha de la Amistad

This is an incredible sculpture that you have to see to believe located in the middle of a traffic rotary (the intersection of Losoya, Commerce, Market, and Alamo Streets) in downtown San Antonio.

The city of San Antonio is amazing with it’s tall buildings modern in structure and surronded by older structures,all made of brick and stone. Most of the sidewalks are concrete I would think due to the high temps in the summer time.As you walk around viewing all of this you see many intersections,taxis,trolleys,and people just scurrying about to get to their destinations. Then,you turn a corner and there is a long straight street which showcases the Alamo-wham right in the middle of a busy city with most of it’s original structure preserved!

As you continue to walk,you turn another corner and there it is ,La Antorcha de la Amistad(Spanish for “The Torch of Friendship”) and what a sight it is!It really is amazing to have two historical sites so close to each other.It is a very enormous sculpture as it is called and very beautiful in the day time and even more beautiful at night when it is illuminated!I will give you some background on this figure since I had no knowledge of this at all but I do now.

The sculpture stands at nearly 65 ft (20 m), and weighs more than 45 tons (40,800 kg). The medium is enameled iron. It is located in the middle of a traffic rotary (the intersection of Losoya, Commerce, Market, and Alamo Streets) in Downtown San Antonio, an area known by international tourists for the Paseo del Rio, or River Walk, and the Alamo.

The artist of this sculpture is a well known man,Mexican sculpture Sebastian and was commissioned by the Asociacion de Empresarios Mexicanos(Association of Mexican Businesspeople)in 2002 and was unveiled on June 28,2002

As you can see,the structure starts at the bottom with two seperate legs that continue upward and then

seperately twist and turn never reaching a 90 degree angle.Eventually they circle at the top and join together to form one large circle.The inspiration for this sculpture was to show two seperate torches running from the ground and reaching out together,The United States of America and Mexico-running together in friendship.

I hope you enjoyed this journey to San Antonio and the beautiful things there.Next I will talk about “River Walk”.Bye for now.(Sorry about the split paragraph-it’s my laptop’s fault).


Why God-Why Not Me

I have heard many comments concerning the belief in god and the bible and I have also seen the results of such beliefs. It is very easy to give the responsibility of your existence to another person or place.

I have chosen to believe in myself.

I have spent time reading the king james bible which I own and I find it to be very contradictory and confusing.

There are wonderful messages in the bible which I agree with but I never could understand why it would take over nine hundred pages to say “Love your self as you would love others”

It did not take to many pages to write these words but it is the way I feel.

So there it is my life that has been given to me and I choose to live it my way.

If there is a god that gave me this life I thank him but will go on with the gift that I have been given and ask for no help.I will survive.

I send to you my love and inspiration just as it has been given to me.

Talking About Texas

fpssHome-austinMonthly0531151728-00Hello Hello just back from Texas and what a time I had!It was kind of rainy when I got there but that did not dampen my spirits at all. The people that I met were all very warm and friendly to a guy who knew nothing at all about their beautiful state and the city of Austin where I stayed with my daughter Nikki and good friend Erin.I did a blog about the first place I ate when I arrived on May 20 called Hopdoddys and now I will tell you about the great Texas Barbecue establishment I had the pleasure of visiting and eating at called The Salt Lick located in Driftwood Texas.

This place is cool.I took a picture of the entrance which I hope is above me on the right side and a picture from their web site on the left side.You walk under the sign to the host lady and get two choices-you can go to your left and eat outside or to the right and eat inside,we choose left.Nice day,good weather,good choice.

So we get seated and very shortly ordered drinks.We are sitting at a picnic type table with adults and children all over the place in a very friendly atmosphere,there is food all over the place.Next we get menus to order food but my daughter,Nikki,who has eaten there before orders for all of us,whoops forgot to mention Josh was eating with us as well,he and Nikki are seeing each other.

Ok back to the food a family style order from the menu.Now this is where the fun starts.I’m sure all of you have been to a buffet type meal,you know like breakfast or chineese food where you grab a plate and load up with whatever you want and if that is not enough you get more.That is how it is done at The Salt Lick except they bring the buffet to you,all you do is sit and get served platters and bowls of food and long as you can keep eating!And I did keep eating.

The first serving they brought to us consisted of Texas style ribs (and they were yummo),sausages,brisket,potato salad,beans,cole slaw,pickles,onions,two types of sauce,one mild and one hot,and nice warm tender bread.But wait,as soon as you get near the end of that they bring more of what you want and as always you can take home whatever is left-cool-and I pigged out.If you leave that place hungry,you have been on weight watchers to long (sorry if you are).

Upon leaving we went into the cooking area where you can go and take pictures if you wish to and see all of the meats and sausages being cooked on a grill that must have been ten to twelve feet in diameter.The barbecue smell was incredible,it actually makes you hungry again.All of the food is there ready to be served and they just keep adding to it.Holy calories batman!

Ok for now,next blog will be about E.Sixth Street in Austin-being a country boy from New Hampshire I have never seen anything like it but I will again.Love it! I send my inspiration and love to all.


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