Texas Beer Burger Stuff-hopdoddy

hd61 If you have ever heard that Texas is big it is!This is a shot of a beer burger place that Nikki,Erin and I ate at when I arrived in Austin on Wednesday May 20.This place is cool! When I first got there a line of people stretched from the ordering counter,throughout the length of the building,outside to the side walk and then into the parking area-about sixty people waiting to get in! Nobody was anxious about it all since this is normal for hopdoddy.

While waiting in line to order,there was a large bar to my left that had all the usual drinks and all sorts of beer with names I have never heard of.Texas has a lot of beer brands that are brewed locally and are consumed in large amounts.You can pick up a menu along the way to ordering your meal and also grab water and other free stuff that servers bring along all the time like parmesean truffle fries (I think that is mispelled but tasted good).

Besides the line of people waiting to order,all of the tables to eat at are all full,you can hardly walk around.As we got closer to the ordering counter, a young lady came up to us with a tablet and took our order so when we got to the counter all we needed to do was pay-it saved time!

So when this is all set you are given a table number to sit at and your food is brought out to you with very friendly servers both guys and girls.I got a Texas burger with all sorts of stuff on it and something else I haven’t seen in quite a while-A milk shake with a spoon and a straw way bigger than I have ever seen-it was good!So I pigged out and will be going back soon I hope.Love to all!


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