Cheeseburgers And Moving

I started this blog with a sentence which I just deleeeted (how many e”s are there in deleeted) doesn’t matter it’s gone. Ordered a cheeseburger today at a family restaurant I’m sure you are all familiar with since it’s name is known world wide.So here’s what I ordered-chesseburger,tomatoe,mayo,american cheese and french fries. That is in my favorite lunch time meal.Ok,now “how would you like that cooked” “Rare” . Nope can’t do rare now.

That’s nice I still paid for a well done burger and it was cool. I just don’t like peolpe telling me what I like and what is good for me, that is my choice

Next up i will be leaving for Austin Texas  on tuesday 5/19/2015 which I know I have talked  about several times-looking forward to sharing my experiences there hope you will enjoy as well-check out my blogs and photo’s on face book! Love to all!

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