Gonnyscotty Rides On

The most endangered species
The honest man
Will still survive annihilation
Forming a world
State of integrity
Sensitive, open and strong

Wave after wave will flow with the tide
And bury the world as it does
Tide after tide will flow and recede
Leaving life to go on as it was..

Natural Science,Rush,lyrics by Neil Peart.

Some of the songs that I have listened to since my high school days contain lyrics that I feel are actually better than the song itself.The song Natural Science displayed above carries with it an example of thought provoking lyrics which when read rather than when sung take on a very philosophical element open to discussion and interpratation.

The honest man and state of integrity are concepts that have become quite elusive in a society that cherishes salaries,reputations,and social status which when combined spell success.Add politics into the equation and it becomes easy to understand the state of the world we are living in.I am not saying the world is a bad place but I feel some of it’s priorities are in need of review and change,Leaving life to go on as it was.

I leave you with these words and encourage all to leave comments and ideas regarding changes you feel would be benificial to us all.Thank You

PS: I am going to try this as an ongoing blog with quotes,lyrics,and comments posted a few times per month if response warrants that.gonnyscotty rides on!

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