Pigging Out



Hello all!Since I’m doing a blog about pigging out I thought it would be appropriate to show multi shots of pigs and turkeys.Soon you will understand my reasoning for this-I do have reasonings and seasonings to add.After having been aroused with text and visual effects,you just may be in need of a snack so I will now pause so you can raid the ice box….OK here we go.

For reasons I wish not to disclose at this time,my plan for sitting down to a big feast such as Thanksgiving and consuming large quantities of food (or pigging out)was to eat nothing prior to the big event.That’s correct nothing which would leave a vast cavern of empty space in my bread basket (stomach) that,over a period of time,would be in receipt of large quantities of food which I previously referred to.Well let me tell you,that went over like a go-cart in the Indy 500-didn’t work!I ate less than I normally would have.This resulted in my re-thinking of dinner and the condiments,liquids,and all other products associated with it.AHA,a brand new way of dealing with and administering pigging out-Reverse Physicology.

OK what do I mean by that you ask-.eat piquiuos (that means a lot) quantities of food at breakfast so your digestive system will have been given a heads up on what will soon be happening.No shock to your system plus even more benefits-room for dessert and football,who could ask for anything more.

This will conclude my dinner time tutorial minus table manners.

Oink Oink!

Oink Oink!




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