Stop Signs of Creative Writing

I can think of two stop signs that I have encountered in my brief writing journey:they are myself and my thinking of myself.

Let me try to explain for if I have any difficulty in trying to do that,it will be a result of what I just said.When I write and try to be creative sometimes I find myself manufacturing words rather than discovering them. (It took me five tries to write that sentence,no kidding).So here I go tripping over my own words again which,for me,is quite frustrating.Reaching out into my creative mind searching for the correct words to write always slows the whole process of being creative down (I hope I remember that) rather than allowing my mind to reach out to me and give me the freedom to express what I’m feeling at the moment.It’s like experiencing something that already exists,something that has already been written and joining it,becoming a part of it (I just slipped into that mode) letting the words flow which is a word I have read many times and I can see why.It is good advice and has made writing a release of energy and a release of stress (better than drinking like I used to).

The first few blogs that I did,I was actually nervous about writing them,afraid that I wouldn’t know what to say or that what I wrote meant little or nothing at all.After more experience and reading comments from other “new bloggers”I know that I am not the only one that is on this journey of creative writing and it is heart warming to realize that.Now when I approach any new blog or writing of any kind,a feeling of anticipation rises up in me and the words do flow much easier making the whole writing experience a joyful one!

I hope that this blog will give inspiration to any new bloggers out there-I really feel that I have been given a great deal of help so far and it is my desire to give help back if I can.Good luck and enjoy your writing day!


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