Little Creatures

Little creatures small and unnoticed dance before our eyes in a never ending salute to life and existence far surpassing what most of us salute.

“They themselves are makers of themselves”

These are incredible words which are I feel common sense-you get what you concentrate on.

Every day we experience this simple process but dis-regard it.

You do not need a gun or a million dollars to appreciate life.

Just an appreciation of yourself and the life that you have.

It has been given to you-

or did you give it to yourself

what a responsibility,what a joy,what love can you achieve

It is up to you and me

I send love and inspiration to you all!


What’s Next?

Go for it Jen!

Cholontics Writerly Musings

This is Chris Andrews Image and I have no rights to it at all! This is Chris Andrews Image and I have no rights to it at all!

Okay, here’s the update on my adventures with using The Easiest-Ever Guide to Outlining by Chris Andrews.  I have done the next part… I will continue this and keep you updated as I progress through it! I’m actually having a bit of fun doing this… I may have to use this from now on!

Telandria Moonbright, an elven sorceress, wants to raise a family, but her previous life as the leader of a famous group of dragon slayers has ramifications she is unaware of.

Set up

Adventure begins

Things get serious


Sequence 1 How Telandria finds out dragons are not extinct

  • Telandria is meeting her boyfriend in front of her home, on her way there she is mugged by four thugs.

    • She uses her magic, but it doesn’t work on them.

  • Melnore jumps out…

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Why Do I Write

I often wonder why I write these blogs I never did anything like this before.My first blog was published on March 18 not to long ago-I don’t really remember what it was about but it does not matter,that was the start of my writing.

My mastery of the english language quite frankly does not exist. I never liked english class in grammar school or high school-never did understand what an adjective is or a verb (I think the verb implies motion) -never did understand when to use a comma or quotation mark or when you should stop one paragraph and go to another. But you know when I write these words I do believe that anybody can read them if not understand them so the communication is there. Mission accomplished!.

I have met and learned from many new friends that write like I do- that being have not been writing to long or those who have been writing with experience and determination that comes from the heart and just flows rather than trying to make a word happen. I have found myself doing just that,trying to grab a word out of my head which is just not there but I aggravate myself in the search. Time for a new paragraph I guess.

My easiest time for being creative in writing is in the midnite hour (that’s why I have called myself the Midnite Writer) while I am ready to fall asleep but my mind gets filled with thoughts that I need to express which I find so difficult to express at any other time during the day. But during the day I do think of things I would like to express-by the time I jot them down in my journal the real meaning that I had felt seems to vanish like a cloud in the sky,so disappointing. However I know there will be another time,another chance to capture what is really in me to say and to express myself in a joyfull and honest way

If there are any people that would read these words and feel the same way please share and leave comments for me because in my world I am a novice at writing but I feel that I have something to say-I send my love and insperation to you.

Texas Beer Burger Stuff-hopdoddy

hd61 If you have ever heard that Texas is big it is!This is a shot of a beer burger place that Nikki,Erin and I ate at when I arrived in Austin on Wednesday May 20.This place is cool! When I first got there a line of people stretched from the ordering counter,throughout the length of the building,outside to the side walk and then into the parking area-about sixty people waiting to get in! Nobody was anxious about it all since this is normal for hopdoddy.

While waiting in line to order,there was a large bar to my left that had all the usual drinks and all sorts of beer with names I have never heard of.Texas has a lot of beer brands that are brewed locally and are consumed in large amounts.You can pick up a menu along the way to ordering your meal and also grab water and other free stuff that servers bring along all the time like parmesean truffle fries (I think that is mispelled but tasted good).

Besides the line of people waiting to order,all of the tables to eat at are all full,you can hardly walk around.As we got closer to the ordering counter, a young lady came up to us with a tablet and took our order so when we got to the counter all we needed to do was pay-it saved time!

So when this is all set you are given a table number to sit at and your food is brought out to you with very friendly servers both guys and girls.I got a Texas burger with all sorts of stuff on it and something else I haven’t seen in quite a while-A milk shake with a spoon and a straw way bigger than I have ever seen-it was good!So I pigged out and will be going back soon I hope.Love to all!

(Zipper) May 18th Poetry challenge A-Z

Now everyone knows your sexy!

H.M. Nolan

A sweet whisper tickles the inside of my wretched

Brain, I am broken, bended, blended, send me a


Daydream, crack my breastbone open


Fragments of my heart, I know it

Gets you


It’s all a bad

Joke, I’ll be

Kicking up dust, killing my

Lust for you, I write


Nonsense, in your

Opiate dream, just do it, take my

Pride for a ride, dump her off

Quietly in the desert

Rival my screams with


Tie my guts in knots, your passion is

Unrivaled, your rage lightly

Veiled by the violent

Weather, I like the

X-rated thoughts within

Your head, and I’ll unzip your

Zipper, for you say its the fastest way to your heart

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Love unrequited

Most people don’t have guts enough to desire just envy for those who do.

H.M. Nolan

Desire can be


a slow drip of

cardiac decay

Love left unrequited

will haunt us

until our last breath

bury us beneath

mounds of regret

And yet still,

I wonder

What would life be like

without something

to always long for?

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I Love My New Friends

I always wanted to talk so here i am talking

People I once knew are back in my life

I don’t know why they share things with me now

but they-you-do-share

I never really understood the meaning of understanding

Now I do and it is very loving and kind hearted

understanding was not a part of my life

I educated myself with sorrow that I turned to joy

And now it is a joy to talk to all of you even if it’s with typing but not seeing

I would rather look into your eyes than type these words

looking and seeing is so much more intimate to me!

Love to all that i have to give.

I wish sometimes that i could forget-but I will never forget my friends.

The Midnite Writer

It's goonya

It’s goonya

Sends inspiration to you all

Jen and H.M.

I like to talk at nite

Nobody but me to listen to

Oh how my thoughts scream out to me

What to say next will be said

Thanks to all who have cursed me

and loved me and waited

65 years of lessons,sorry for being so crude

It;s just my way like no other has been

One is the lonliest number you will ever know

If you fall I will catch you time after time

Understanding more than you can handle is a burden

Even with one ear I hear to much,to little

I will always remember you Don

I try to forget others,she told me that

The sum and substance like my dad said

Never did talk much together,just words

Being lonely but not alone-remember that Alice

12:30am-good times bad times or some times



I try to forget-sometimes it just doesn’t work for me. When you get stabbed in the heart it’s not easey to forget.

Cheeseburgers And Moving

I started this blog with a sentence which I just deleeeted (how many e”s are there in deleeted) doesn’t matter it’s gone. Ordered a cheeseburger today at a family restaurant I’m sure you are all familiar with since it’s name is known world wide.So here’s what I ordered-chesseburger,tomatoe,mayo,american cheese and french fries. That is in my favorite lunch time meal.Ok,now “how would you like that cooked” “Rare” . Nope can’t do rare now.

That’s nice I still paid for a well done burger and it was cool. I just don’t like peolpe telling me what I like and what is good for me, that is my choice

Next up i will be leaving for Austin Texas  on tuesday 5/19/2015 which I know I have talked  about several times-looking forward to sharing my experiences there hope you will enjoy as well-check out my blogs and photo’s on face book! Love to all!

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