It’s Time to Leave The Capsule if You Dare

CAPSULE CAPSULE he’s our man,if he can’t do it TABLET can,TABLET TABLET he’s our man,if he can’t do it ASPIRIN can,ASPIRIN ASPIRIN he’s our man,if he can’t do it PILLS can,PILLS PILLS their our men,if they can’t do it NO DRUG CAN.

Doctor doctor give me the news, I’ve got a bad case of Rite Aid Blues.

Now,such a medical condition as this can be easily remedied with the multitude of ailment assisting products available at your local pharmacy.Nothing escapes the PP (pill power) not even disfunctional erections so I would advise you to keep a good supply in your glove compartment at all times.All seiousness aside now….

I certainly appreciate the arsenal of combatent little buggers ready and waiting to be popped down the shute-mouth that is-thwarting any effort to disrupt the normal functioning of the human body,period.Check out the list of problems that can be easily solved by the proper use of PP;

     headache/high blood pressure (or low if you prefer)/depression/anxiety/colds/acne/and when properly placed,hemorrhoids.

Well it’s time for the cheerleaders to rise once again and motivate the bottles, to be opened and cure anything that we probably caused ourselves in our infinite wisdom.You can’t fix stupid like this blog is.Oh come on that was a little funny.

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