Happy Trails to Me-The Future Now

Left right,right left whatever.

As you might be able to tell I have absolutely nothing to say or worth reading about.Either way it’s O.K. you wake up with yourself(Billy Joel).So, while in this plateau of zip and nada,I shall bestow upon you my future plans and ambitions which are quite diversified and quite frankly humanistic.

So, that having been said (how trendy) here is  future plan #1-I am presently creating an eBook,the topic of which is SS Didability.Why you ask (I didn’t hear anyone speak),because I am now on that  program and have been since 2005 thanks to my brain tumor(Thanks).Therefore I am confident to report that my book will contain much information learned through  experience rather than reviewing  internet websites and documents.I do want to help people understand  the workings of  SS Disability as it can assist those who are in need and do qualify.Qualifying is one of the most critical issues that I will discuss

O.K.Future plan #2-I am an alcoholic (whatever that means) and alcoholism is a very large problem in today’s society.Therefore, after I gain more experience with wordpress.com, I shall hire a Host (Bluehost-they are good) and download and install wordpress.org enabling me to continue a blog or design a full blown website.You guessed it!The focus on this website will be alcoholism which if you wish to,you can Google search that topic and find a multitude of information on that subject.So what you ask (Ididn’t hear anyone speak) do I have to offer differntly on this subject that hasn’t already been covered?You will see-I have used a quite different approach in my life that has and is still working quite nicely.

This is going to be a long term project due to the sensitive nature involved in this area.So please wish me well with this and I would like to thank all of my new friends I have now for being my friend and also old friends and classmates that I am re-uniting with.See YA!




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