The Way We Were

WHEN I was growing up in Plaistow N.H.,I noticed the house where I lived had stones sticking up from the ground,part of the foundation it stood on.They are still there today,some things never change.

It has been my good fortune and pleasure to re-unite with friends from my past while using social media-Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,etc.Being the old fart I sometimes am,my vision of the past was like a lost memory which I quite honestly did not wish to re-visit.

WELL all of that has changed now and I am happy to announce many relationships have been and are being renewed!People that I grew up with and graduated with from Pollard School(my grammar school) are again a part of my life as well as graduates from Sanborn Regional High School ,class of 1968.

The most satisfying aspect of this-I realize how differently I see myself now and more importantly,how I now see other people that I never really bothered to know.I realize now it would have been nearly impossible to know these people since I did not know myself.Thanks to all my old friends for sharing!

SOME THINGS DO CHANGEimages11046282_10204877945361561_4789003769496019312_n


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