All I Want For Christmas;Part III

I was born at nite but not last nite

Well my most heart felt congradulations to the sports media in Boston and probably all of New England-these guys really know their stuff.After a game,a month,or a season-Nostradamus like barf spews out from their keyboards enlightening us about what should have taken place in a variety of sports arenas.

It amazes me how incredibly accurate their comments are-how can you go wrong,twenty-twenty vision just can’t miss.Wouldn’t it be nice to reserve comments to your children until they are all grown up or wait until you are married to figure out if you like your spouse?That would certainly reduce the current divorce rate,cause lawyers to reduce their fees-what a beautiful mess it would be!

Oh well,these esoterical judgemrnts are only for the chosen few who once again utilize the”Keep talking-you’ll think of something to say”approach to journalism.I will close by saying this,My Spelling Sucks!Good Evening.

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