Jane Roberts-Seth Quotes and Poetry

Seth Quotes

Hate of war will never end war only love of peace will

Many of you are afraid that without a feeling of guilt there would be no inner discipline, and the world would run wild.It is running quite wild now.

To be healthy you must believe in health

Love perceives the grace in another

You get what you concentrate on

A painter puts part of himself into a painting

When a man or a woman smiles at you, the smile can be like a mask

Life and death are but two faces of your eternal,ever-changing existence

“God” made so many people poor that obviously no man should dare try to change the situation…

Sexual behavior obviously will be considered depraved by those most afraid of their own sensual natures

You will re-incarnate wether you believe that or not

The present moment is your point of power

Jane Roberts Poetry

Let us,using our double vision travel two worlds in one and form

a single double song that splashes out in ripples of thought and blood

that eddy,wrinkle and wake through the double skies of our single universe

and break into rainbow vowles that sing soft lullabies and fall as light in both our worlds

Jane Roberts Poetry

But now my body trembles and breathes deep ancient angers rumble up from my toes.

A dull heavy black hole rises up through my belly to my throat and empties it’s load upon my tongue which turns laden

with oppling…things long forgotten by my mind but clotted in my blood.

Ashen statues of unspoken vowels and syllables,images I should have kicked,all from my lips go toppling…


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