Sick Again

“Here I stand broken hearted,paid a dime and only farted.Here I stand in a trance,saved a dime and shit my pants.

Now there are reasons for things such as that.Diet,exercise,toilets at home that do not work can all contribute to a substantial savings in dimes.However,there are many more dreadful things(medicines)that can wreak havoc on your fragile body.

Prescription medicines can have very unusual side effects.Let’s see-according to the Web MD,if you take Anticonvulsant medicines,these may cause Dizziness,Drowsiness,Fatigue,Headaches,Skin rash,Divorce,Home Foreclosures,Out of Body Experiences,and a desire to write occult blogs such as this.

Never the less,you will be subjected to cable T.V. advertisements focusing on lovely people enjoying cookouts,pitching horseshoes,chatting while standing next to muscle cars,and just generally enjoying life to the fullest.At the conclusion of this marketing exercise,one of the lovely people(usually a man)will proclaim-“I have found this works for me,maybe you should try it too!”.WOW.

PS-Sick Again is the title of a song from the Physical Graffiti Album by Led Zepplin.


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