I Created My Own Prison

         All around me are familiar faces,worn out faces,worn out places.Bright and early for the daily races,going nowhere,going nowhere.Up with the sun(or dark depending on the season),breakfast,put on your face(cologne),sign out and board the van-off to work.Eight long hours later,sign back in,supper,educational stuff(for some but not me),and hit the sack-dream of better days.

        What an orderly,structured life there is here,quite unlike the environment my parents raised me in,an environment I never really embraced but I felt comfortable with it.I do not feel as comfortable in this strange new environment,surrounded by new faces and authority figures(I never did like authority and still do not).Oh well I am here of my own doing ,and as my time has progressed,or been served  you could say,my desire for freedom pulses through my veins like a raging stream.I think constantly now of my future and my future choices knowing that I am indeed ready to take control of my life and live happily ever after(in fairy tale terms).

         So I made the call(unfortunately to a cell phone that was not working),packed a suitcase,and proceeded on my journey home,actually on a train-as a child growing up I was fascinated by trains.Greeted by confused family members it became relatively easy to understand their confusion for after all my time served(eleven weeks)fell far short or my original commitment of six months.You see change(they called it reform)has it’s own schedule,not on a clock or calendar,but on your personal disclosure of yourself-such an expression!Going nowhere,going nowhere.

        All words in italics are lyrics to a song originally recorded by Tears for Fears-1983-from their album The Hurting.It was later sung and recorded by Gary Jules from his album,Trading Snakeoil for Wolf Tickets.


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