Yes Dear-Doing What I’m Told

Writing 101:Build A Blogging Habit.I was advised to write something about whatever as a part of my education in writing- in general and specifically in blogging.So here is my homework,I hope it raises questions in your mind and gets you hooked which will hopefully motivate you to continue reading.

Now that the intro and hook has been created,let’s try finding my story coupled with my angle on that story regardless if it entails emotions or objects.I have to be careful here not to reveal to much so the desire to read on will be enhanced.Here is a hint:post spelled sideways is stop.

Every day now I sit in front of this”thing”,this object which has captured my imagination and calls to me when I leave it.I must admit I have become addicted-I am a slave to this thing!-pause-During that pause I was re-reading,editing,revising,looking for any changes that I may feel useful to stimulate curiosity towards the answer to this mystery:What the Hell Am I Talking About?

Sorry but my twenty minutes has expired(that’s how long I was told to devote to this).So let me introduce you to my subject:Mr Dell model#1545 Laptop Computer-we make music together!

It's goonya

It’s goonya


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