Many of you people out there may already understand what I am going to talk about,people who regularly search and research the www and feel comfortable in that process.I am one of those people but a lot of what I have learned is a result of viewing and studying tutorials,video lessons with instructions on finding certain locations,finding people,and learning how to use software programs-even meatloaf recepies.However there are a few methods that are very helpful when viewing tutorials and I would like to share some of these with you today-I sound like a highschool teacher!

First of all I am going to share what I have learned about a very nice and versatile software program called Apache Open Office Suite.It serves many purposes including helping out your wallet-it is 100% free.not free to download and use for 30 days then buy-it is free!To compare,Microsoft Office for home use can be purchased for $10/month or $100/year.Now this office suite does offer a bit more than Apache does but I am quite happy with free.So to get started I go to You Tube and in the search bar type in Open Office for beginners.The results offer many tutorials to choose from and on each one of them you will notice a brief description of the tutorial,how long it is,and the author.It is wise to note the name of the tutorial and author if you are happy with it and you can also book mark and save the same.

Ok,so now we have the program which usually starts after it loads and the instructions begin.If you have not downloaded and installed Open Office it will advise you to do so and even walk you through the proceedure to do just that.Now the learning part begins and I am going to point out some helpful tips for you to get the most benefit out of the tutorial.At the bottom left of the screen you will see two vertical lines which if you click on will pause the video.This gives you a chance to go to your software and duplicate what the instructer has shown you,it’s like taking a time out.Then go back to where you clicked to pause and notice a pointer icon which when you click on that the video will continue.The instructions will go on and whenever you feel comfortable,pause again and go to your program and continue to duplicate what the video is showing you.Another usefull trick,if you do get lost and need to go back over a certain area go down to the bottom of the screen where you will see a round white dot moving slowly along indicating the video is in progress,pause the video,and click before the white dot to back the program up allowing you to go over an area that you wish to.I do that frequently to assure myself that I understand what is being displayed.

Another helpfull option you have,again at the bottom of the screen on the far right side is a square box with something like an x in it which when clicked on will put you in a full screen mode which is quite helpfull to see some of the options the office suite has to offer.

You Tube is a very usefull program which can be used repeatedly at no cost.There is an option when you first go there to register at no cost to utilize all of the advantages it has to offer.This example I have chosen is one of thousands of videos available on You Tube-tutorials and much more for your entertainment.I offer this advice to share some of what I have learned for I have been given much free knowledge and it is a good thing to give back!

PS-the word helpfull was mispelled several times-the correct spelling is helpful.Sorry!


A new place

You are correct and it is ironic to me that as I sit here and type these words I’m trying to overcome my same old routine.So I’ve decided to finish my ebook short story which has been hanging around to long.Today I finish and go on to something else.And about going to new places,May 19 off to Austin Tx for two weeks to visit my daughter Nikki-looking forward to it!Thanks.

The power of Quantum Thinking

Many times I have talked about creating and searching for “change”, I have talked a lot about how change is life and how your routine could kill you.

But sometimes even trying to change our routine could be very difficult and stressful.

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“Talk Talk Talk”

“I felt the coldness of my winter,I never thought it would ever leave”

Quite proudly I am a graduate of New Hampshire Technical Institute,Concord New Hampshire,with an associates degree in mechanical engineering.The year was 1970,not a good time for the economy of the U.S. so I sought work in any area where it was available.I eventually was employed as a tool design engineer the salary of which was $2.10/hr-WOW.That didn’t work so by chance I became involved in the construction industry and remained there a long time.

So,what does that have to do with me writing this blog-a lot.While in college one of my courses taught us how to prepare and write technical documents-resumes,speeches,presentations,that sort of thing.As a part of this class,we were taught a very simple but effective method of communication that was called the Tellem Method.It goes like this:

Tellem what your going to tellem:


Tellem what you’ve told em.

I have found that if I use this method or a modified version of it, coupled with my education in writing by “just letting it flow”, it is easier and more satisfying to write and enjoy writing.I'm in there somewhere!


The Judgement Day

images“Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate that you hate to make him wait but you just gotta have another cigarette”


The entrance into Heaven has been updated due to the large amount of applicants being reviewed.I’m sure all of you have been through this before but let’s take a look:

1.) Name

2.) Age

3.) SS #

4.) Goodness or Badness

To reach Gabriel press 1-Noah press 2-All other calls will be answered in the order that they were recieved. Now at the front desk:

Take file number 98.6-Freddy Fever,and check his records,his tweets,his posts,and social behavior.He is applying for a position in blogging management including sharing,website functions,spell checking,themes,and settings.This is a voluntary position so it will not be necessary to discuss salary arrangements-however all written documents must be rated PG and must be submitted for approval.An email will be sent to Mr. Fever with a link to click on if he wishes to accept this proposal.

    If not,another one bites the dust.
images (1)


Magical Monday

I am tagging this post as mystery since the theme I have choosen does not support tags

Monday morning practice I have nothing to say so here I type with no real reason to other than trying not to look at what I have written and just go with the flow-most of the talented writers I have read write from the subjective point of view,from the heart and let the results take care of itself.

Working on my ebook about Social Security Disability-it’s my first try and I am really enjoying the experience.There is quite a lot to it especially trying to get thoughts I have in my head down on paper.Sometimes things, the meaning of what I am trying to say get jumbled a bit-that is when I start looking at what I have done and using the backspace button and start all over.I’m not looking now so if there is no sense in this or my spelling is awkward you will know that I am not perfect.

I don’t know if that made any sense or not but I am not looking still.After my short story ebook I have to make a choice,either go with and create a website or write another ebook.Quite honestly an attempt at a website would be fun but I’m always unsure what to do next and fearfull of making mistakes with it’s appearence and my presentation.

I have read much about the options available for website construction and it sounds appealing to have my existing blogsite sort of in the background allowing me to continue my blog “expression” and also create a topic or platform for a website which would allow myself and others to say whatever they feel is important to them and share those feelings.I thought maybe a list of catigories to choose from would be nice to choose from and make comments about.All of this would probably happen late this summer I hope.Tryinf to set a goal for myself-challenge myself to complete what I consider to be a dream I have.

Well I just looked over what I have written and notice mis-spelled words and sentences I think need to be re-written but I will leave all as is so inthe future I can reflect on how I used to write and how I express myself now.Makes no sense-that’s what I like about it.

Happy monday to you all!

All I Want For Christmas-Part IV

images (1)Do you feel a draft?

Is there a window open?Why no my darling, what you are feeling ( and obviously not seeing) is the annual NFL draft,you know the one where teams choose players to come and join with them so they can lose games and look better than last year doing it.But never fear, my darling, the sports media is now offering draft consultations including free estimates to allow head coaches and scouts to get some sleep-downright decent of them I feel.Maybe they could include a football soap opera to further assist-something like Drafts Of Our Lives, or maybe General “Why the hell did you call that one ref” Hospital. That’s all for now,this has been a short one (that’s what she said).


Water World

About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water. But water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers, and even in you and your dog.

We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

Now that the copy and paste deal is over with,you can read my words you lucky dogs (which contain water!).My niece, Karen and I were talking about what it would be like if all humans were aquatic-capable of living on or under water so I came up with some inspirations that I would like to share with you.

This is my thinking-many of lifes pain in the neck situations and quite frankly dangerous situations would be completely eliminated,no more need to plan or tolerate them.Here’s is a list:

No more rain

No more floods

 No more snow

No bad drivers or smog-the list is endless!Now let’s see,how about some distinct advantages,if those listed aren’t enough.Free sea food,no need to shower,friends that can’t talk back (beautiful),help from kelp,tides that can move you from place to place without any effort,and many new industries such as water proof smart phones and laptops plus free bubble making toys for the kids!

Well as you can see the aquatic way of life has many attractive options we just might want to take advantage of,and might need to if the people of planet earth don’t learn to get along.Thanks for listening,goonyathoughts will be back with more inspirational words-Bless you all!

Oh yes,all of the words in italics are lyrics to a song titled “Wish You Were Here” recorded by Pink Floyd.

Not Fit For This Planet

I hadn’t known her

for such a long time

But then I knew her

for such a short time

Now I will know her forever

even when she leaves this planet

Reunites with family in PA

good to be home

I believe there’s a ghost

of a chance

she will find her way there

and make it last

She will always give-that’s her way

and I believe there’s a ghost

of a chance she will find

a new place to grow


It’s Time to Leave The Capsule if You Dare

CAPSULE CAPSULE he’s our man,if he can’t do it TABLET can,TABLET TABLET he’s our man,if he can’t do it ASPIRIN can,ASPIRIN ASPIRIN he’s our man,if he can’t do it PILLS can,PILLS PILLS their our men,if they can’t do it NO DRUG CAN.

Doctor doctor give me the news, I’ve got a bad case of Rite Aid Blues.

Now,such a medical condition as this can be easily remedied with the multitude of ailment assisting products available at your local pharmacy.Nothing escapes the PP (pill power) not even disfunctional erections so I would advise you to keep a good supply in your glove compartment at all times.All seiousness aside now….

I certainly appreciate the arsenal of combatent little buggers ready and waiting to be popped down the shute-mouth that is-thwarting any effort to disrupt the normal functioning of the human body,period.Check out the list of problems that can be easily solved by the proper use of PP;

     headache/high blood pressure (or low if you prefer)/depression/anxiety/colds/acne/and when properly placed,hemorrhoids.

Well it’s time for the cheerleaders to rise once again and motivate the bottles, to be opened and cure anything that we probably caused ourselves in our infinite wisdom.You can’t fix stupid like this blog is.Oh come on that was a little funny.

Third Ear Deaf

I’m a midnite writer,dreamer

Watching my lyrics go by-Spotify

There are none so blind as those who will not see

“What’s wrong with him?”

he asked

“He’s not normal” she replied

All is packaged and neat

but incomplete

A dead end-but dead is no end

Powers in the sky which I defy

Stop looking back at the

times I was defeated

There is victory in self

I never did comply

Live for yourself there is nobody more

worth living for

Thanks to H.M.

for helping me

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