The Fortune Teller:How’d She Do That?

leggere-la-manoA little background for this one-On October 24,2001,I had surgery at Mass. General to remove a tumor from the right side of my head-it took almost 15 hours to complete but was successful.The following event took place about four months prior to that:

My wife Donna and two children,Nikki and Mike went with me to the Stratham Fair in Stratham N.H.When we arrived,Donna and Nikki went off on their own as did Mike and myself.On our way home Nlkki said”Mom why don’t you tell dad about the fortune teller we saw?”Mom did relate what had happened and felt the information she was told fit in very truthfully with people and things she had known.However the very last comment the fortune teller made was”you need not worry about your husbands surgery-he will be fine”

How could she have known about that?There are only two ways I could conceive of:first my wife and daughter were lying to me(no way):second that fortune teller knew what she was talking about!IT MAKES ME WONDER!

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