I Hope She Knows Me

Sight unseen,the vision is clear-I’ve been there but yes.

I Hope She Knows Me

In the classroom life is the best-sometimes I still remember things that hurt-let it go.Hopefully my new friends will embrace and enjoy me-my teachers pet.

I Hope She Knows Me.

Read and write,right and wrong-only I decide.God I love the lyrics to my songs and the spirit prevoking pulse of the poets-dark things that I like illuminating my life-I want to know what love is.

I Hope She Likes Me

For you the blind who once could see,the bell tolls for thee.

<Rush-Lyrics-Losing It-Neil Peart>


The Manufacture of Personal Reality

“Experience is the product of the mind,the spirit,conscious thoughts and feelings,and unconscious thoughts and feelings.These together form the reality that you know.You are hardly at the mercy of a reality,therefore,that exists apart from yourself,or is thrust upon you.You are so intimately connected with the physical events composing your life experience that often you cannot distinguish between the seemingly material occurrences and the thoughts,expectations,and desires that gave them birth.

If there are strongly negative characteristics present in your most intimate thoughts,if these actually form bars between you and a more full life,still you often look through the bars,not seeing them”

All of that is a quote from a book entitled”The Nature of Personal Reality”by Seth/Jane Roberts.If you are interested in reading this book(it is over 400 pages)I will leave instructions to download it for free.Do a Google search using the url I will give you-this will not give you a link to this book.Go to the bottom of the search page and click on repeat the search with the omitted results included.This will bring up a new search list with The Nature of Personal Reality at the top.Click on that and you will be at a bring4th forum-the first hit will be titled Unbound.There you will find the link to this book.Also read some of the comments readers have sent in.The link to begin all this is http://www.bring4th.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=3214b26d628b saved_resource(3)


Still waiting to concentrate?

All I Want for Christmas is a Sports Talk Show

I have always liked sports, playing in high school and watching ever since.My opinoins of various teams and their seasons are accurate and well founded which qualifies me to be a monday morning armchair quarterback.What else would you ever need to know except what you see and how you react to it?It’s not like I’m getting paid to do this for after all my experience in playing sports ended when I graduated from high school.

On to the next group of the sporting community-the media,talk show hosts,and reporters.Now some of these observers are former players-been  there,done that.However many of them have no experience in the sport or sports that they critique and quite often criticize,offering advice to players,coaches,managers,and last but not least owners.Where do they obtain their information?

Imagine going to work in the morning and getting paid to talk about things that you have never actually done!They take phone calls or write articles predicting the outcome of certain games,events,and then puke out statistical fantacies based on no more than their own egotistical summations.No worries-you need not be accurate,just keep talking until you think of something to say.I know what to do,it just came to me-apply for a job,the kind that states No Experience Needed-I will fit right in.That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Good Morning

Good Morning



Nobodys Hero

It’s time for the daily news,6:00am,noon,6:00pm,and 11:00pm.The broadcast usually starts with”These are the latest breaking stories”which might include fires,bombings,terrorist attacks,domestic violence,and of course shootings.There just might be something positive or heartfelt to report about in the last couple of minutes after the weather and sports news.

Somewhat hidden by all of this,there are decent people who’s daily endeavors lead them to helping themselves to help others like family,mothers,fathers,children,and local community activities.Sadly enough they don’t make the headlines to often,so they go unnoticed for the most part.I believe there are many more of these types of people in ┬áthe world as opposed to those mentioned above-they are out there but most of us don’t even know their names.

These people are HEROS to many privately,but to the rest of us they are NOBODYS HERO.

They are heros to me and I’ll bet you that all of you who read these words are HEROS as well.Thanks to you all-we need you!


Do you ever think about people you used to know or hang out with back in high school,college,or work and realize that as the days,months,and years have passed you don’t know where most of them are or what they have been doing?I have asked myself that question without formulating a good answer-maybe I’m a loner or just forgetful(or maybe I’m a loser-Three Doors Down).Whatever the reason I have decided to open up avenues of communication via facebook which I have just recently started using.Renewing old friendships gives me a good feeling as I hope it does you as well.images (4)

The Fortune Teller:How’d She Do That?

leggere-la-manoA little background for this one-On October 24,2001,I had surgery at Mass. General to remove a tumor from the right side of my head-it took almost 15 hours to complete but was successful.The following event took place about four months prior to that:

My wife Donna and two children,Nikki and Mike went with me to the Stratham Fair in Stratham N.H.When we arrived,Donna and Nikki went off on their own as did Mike and myself.On our way home Nlkki said”Mom why don’t you tell dad about the fortune teller we saw?”Mom did relate what had happened and felt the information she was told fit in very truthfully with people and things she had known.However the very last comment the fortune teller made was”you need not worry about your husbands surgery-he will be fine”

How could she have known about that?There are only two ways I could conceive of:first my wife and daughter were lying to me(no way):second that fortune teller knew what she was talking about!IT MAKES ME WONDER!

Man am I old.

I just reached 65 years old,the senior citizen status.I remember when I was young,my body was strong,my energy was explosive,but my decision making process lacked maturity and wisdom.But I had a lot of fun!

Now as I have grown,I certainly have a large memory bank of experience to draw from which has made my life easier to deal with and wiser.I can still do most of what I used to do but it takes longer and hurts more.Young-Old-they both have their lessons and place in life.

Can I Tan Now?

I went to workout at my favorite gym using my normal routine-stretching,lifting.treadmill,and last of all tanning.However when I signed in to tan I was not allowed to.Apparently New Hampshire has rules about the timing between tanning sessions I found out.You must wait 24 hours between tans and guess what-I was about 48 minutes to early!What a bummer-good thing they don’t tell me when to eat or go to bed.I can figure that out on my own.

Give yourself credit.

During the events of our lives, we all are effected by and influenced by things we see and hear-our parents,friends,teachers,books,movies,etc.Who makes the final decisions what to do with all this?We as individuals create our own self image,manage our own beliefs and go forward whatever the results are.Be kind hearted to yourself-where ever you are it is of your own doing.Accept this responsibility joyously and give the credit to whom it belongs-that would be you!


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